Where Coding Meets Character

At Love To Code Academy, our mission is to ignite a passion for technology and innovation while fostering a strong foundation of character in each of our students. We believe that learning to code is about more than just mastering technology—it's about developing critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration skills that last a lifetime.

Our fundamental coding programs are meticulously designed to provide a robust educational journey, combining the structured learning of Code.org's Computer Science Fundamentals, the interactive engagement of Dash® from Wonder Workshop, and the hands-on experiences offered by LEGO® Education solutions.

Love to Code Academy, we prepare students for a lifetime of learning and leadership.

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Code.org Computer Science Fundamentals

Our curriculum begins with the internationally acclaimed Code.org Computer Science Fundamentals. Tailored to age groups from kindergarten to fifth grade, this curriculum introduces students to the basics of coding through a series of fun, engaging courses.

Courses A-F Each course is adapted to the developmental stage of the student, making complex concepts accessible and enjoyable. From drag-and-drop programming blocks in early courses to more sophisticated algorithms and problem-solving in later stages, students build a solid foundation in computer science.

A woman with glasses, smiling while sitting between two children, all of whom are looking at a laptop screen on a table in a bright room. They seem engrossed in one of the Kids Coding Programs from Love To Code Academy.
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Three children, two girls with long hair and one with glasses, smile while looking at a laptop screen. They seem eager to dive into their latest project from the Love To Code Academy.

Dash® - Interactive Learning with a Robot

Enhancing our curriculum, Dash®, the programmable robot from Wonder Workshop, transforms theoretical coding lessons into tangible experiences. This friendly robot challenges students to apply their coding skills to make it sing, dance, and navigate through obstacle courses, fostering:

Engagement and Excitement: Dash® makes learning interactive and fun, captivating students’ imaginations and encouraging them to explore further.

Practical Problem Solving By programming Dash®, students see the real-world applications of their coding lessons, enhancing their understanding and retention.

Faint Coding symbol used to illustrate Love To Code Academy's coding programs.A faint coding symbol used in Love To Code Academy.

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LEGO® Education - Building Confidence in STEAM

To further enrich our coding programs, we integrate LEGO® Education solutions, which scale with students as they grow. These tools are more than just toys; they are educational resources that teach coding, robotics, and computer science through hands-on play and exploration:

From Simple Machines to Advanced Robotics LEGO® Education kits allow students to build models and robots while learning to program them, offering a progressive challenge that grows with their skills.

Creativity and Collaboration Working with LEGO® encourages students to think creatively, work together in teams, and develop communication skills.

Four children are gathered around a table, smiling while using tablets, engrossed in their Kids Coding Programs. Two tablets are being actively used for Coding and Robotics Programs, while two others lie on the table. Their enthusiasm demonstrates the success of Love To Code Academy in sparking their interest.
Faint Coding symbol used to illustrate Love To Code Academy's coding programs.A faint coding symbol used in Love To Code Academy.

Our Mission and Values

At Love To Code Academy, we are guided by our Champion of Character traits: teamwork, passion, harmony, persistence, sportsmanship, integrity, and commitment. These values are at the core of our teaching methodology, ensuring that we nurture not only skilled programmers but also responsible, well-rounded individuals. Our programs emphasize:

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Icon showing two people high-fiving over a gear symbol, representing teamwork and collaboration in a STEM Coding and Robotics context.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Learning to work together effectively.

An icon depicting a fist inside a heart on a green square background with white squares to its top left, representing the dedication and passion of our STEM Coding and Robotics programs.

Ethical Computing

Using technology responsibly and with integrity.

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Continuous Learning and Persistence

Overcoming challenges through perseverance.

Join Us at Love To Code Academy

Embark on a transformative educational journey with Love To Code Academy. Here, your child will learn to navigate the digital world with confidence and integrity, equipped with both the technical skills and the character strengths needed to excel. Enroll now and watch your child develop into a capable coder and a champion of character.

For more information on our programs, or to register, contact us today. Discover how Love To Code Academy prepares students for a bright future in a digital age