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Experience Real-World Coding in Our Onsite Classes

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the gift of coding is more than a skill—it's a passport to endless possibilities. At Love To Code Academy, in Liberty MO, we understand that behind every screen is a young mind eager to explore, create, and dream. Like you, we believe in nurturing this curiosity, transforming it into a powerful tool for the future.

A young person sits at a desk using a laptop. There are sticky notes on the laptop, a calendar, and markers on the desk. In the background, a guitar rests against a wall, hinting at their creative side when not participating in Kids Coding Programs.
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Why Love To Code Academy?

Blue Icon with Man and gears - representing the Champions of Character traits that go beyond coding at Love to Code Academy.

Champions of Character Beyond Coding:

We’re on a mission to cultivate not just skilled coders but well-rounded, creative thinkers. Our programs emphasize critical thinking, problem- solving, and teamwork—skills that are invaluable in and out of the digital realm. A system where lifelong skills are developed, where characters are shaped, and where future leaders are groomed.

Green icon with graduation cap representing the value of in-person coding classes.

In-Person Customized
Learning Journey:

We recognize that each coder is unique, with their own pace, interests,and way of learning. Our personalized approach ensures each receives the attention and tailored challenges that spark joy in every lesson, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth.

Yellow icon with person in middle of ring symbolizing the importance of your child's safety at Love To Code Academy.

Your Child's Safety
Comes First:

Your child’s safety and privacy are paramount. In our secure, supportive environment, each can freely explore their passion for technology without concern, giving you peace of mind.

Key Reasons Why Love To Code Academy Needs to Exist

A woman with glasses is sitting with four children, all looking at a laptop screen and smiling, representing the joyful spirit of the After-school Coding Programs.

Filling the Gap in Teen Education:

By providing a dedicated space for coding education, Love To Code Academy addresses a critical gap, offering tailored learning experiences that are otherwise unavailable.

A cheerful child with raised arms smiles at the camera. Two other children focus on a laptop, with an adult assisting them in the background. The setting, part of Love To Code Academy, appears to be a classroom or learning environment.

Empowering the Next Generation:

Love To Code Academy is not just about teaching coding; it's about empowering teens with the skills, confidence, and creativity to shape their futures in the digital age.

Two children sitting at a desk in a classroom, closely looking at a laptop screen. The boy gestures at the screen, and the girl attentively watches. Robotics equipment is visible in the background, showing their enthusiasm for Kids Coding Programs at Love To Code Academy.

Creating a Supportive Community:

We offer a community that nurtures learning and innovation,where teens can find mentorship, friendship, and support,which are crucial for their development and well-being.

In a classroom at Love To Code Academy, a teacher and four students look at a laptop screen together. The group appears focused and engaged, showcasing the success of their after-school coding programs.

Bridging the Skill Gap:

With a focus on real-world projects and flexible learning paths, Love To Code Academy helps bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, preparing teens for higher education and careers in technology.

A Special Invitation

We’d love for your child to experience the magic of coding with a community that shares the same  enthusiasm and curiosity. That’s why we’re offering a complimentary coding workshop, where they can dive into the fun, hands-on world of coding, meet like-minded peers, and start bringing their ideas to life.

Children gathered around a laptop, with one child adjusting his glasses and another pointing at the screen. They appeared focused and engaged in a discussion about their coding competition team, set against a backdrop of exposed brick walls.
Three children and an adult work on different activities at a table; one child uses a laptop for a Kids Coding Program, the adult assists, and the other children handle building robots.

But, why stop there?

Parents, we understand the importance of making informed decisions about your coders education. Join us for an exclusive parental insight session. Discover the future of coding education, the impact of early tech literacy, and how Love To Code Academy champions your child’s success.

Faint Coding symbol used to illustrate Love To Code Academy's coding programs.A faint coding symbol used in Love To Code Academy.

Ready to Embark on This Adventure?

Your child’s journey to becoming a confident, creative coder starts with a simple step.
Let them experience the joy and excitement of our coding workshop, and together,
let’s explore how Love To Code Academy can be part of your family’s story.

A young girl in an orange t-shirt and jeans sits cross-legged with a laptop on her lap, surrounded by cartoon icons. She's clearly enjoying her session at Love To Code Academy, one of the top after-school coding programs for kids.
At Love To Code Academy, we’re more than just educators—we’re a community passionate about empowering the next generation of innovators and thinkers. We look forward to welcoming your coder into our family and seeing where this journey takes them.